Photography compels me to pause, taking time to admire the beauty of things I might not have otherwise afforded a second glance ™ — James L Kirkish

If I were pitching my story to "Opie" or Spielberg, I’d probably spin a tale of a baby who sprang from his mother’s womb with a camera dangling from his neck. One who, even as a tiny fetus, had F-stops instead of T-cells in his blood.

Sadly, I was not born the "Mozart of Minoltas" and haven't been studying photography since childhood. I actually took my first photography class in high school and though I’ve always loved nature and taking pictures, it wasn’t until more recently that I decided to pursue my somewhat dormant passion.

I credit my brother-in-law Keith Moore ( and his state-of-the-art digital equipment, for catapulting me into the "digital age" and reigniting my interest in photography.  While vacationing in Tahoe during the summer of 2011, we took off on a drive around the lake - stopping along the way, to capture some of the beautiful scenery. Huddled around the campfire that evening, we reviewed images from the day and I knew immediately, a creative flame had been relit.

Upon returning home to Seattle, I invested in more sophisticated photography gear and began spending my free time literally lens-focused on youth, high school & college sports, or the Northwest’s awesome natural beauty. Gradually, parents, friends and strangers alike began approaching me about purchasing photos. These pivotal moments, combined with my previous marketing and logistics experience and other online entrepreneurial endeavors – led almost organically to The Shuttered Image.