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Palouse Falls

[ MAJESTIC ] - Palouse Falls State Park, WA

Available as a Fine Art Paper Print, Metal Print with Float Mount, Giclée Canvas or a 1/8" Face Mount Acrylic with DiBond backing

Late in June 2014, 3 colleagues (Scott Williams, Gigi Peek, Kenirae King) and myself took off for the Palouse region of Eastern Washington. Plans were to shoot in Steptoe Butte and then make our way to Palouse Falls to shoot the Milky Way (which, based on our research, was plotted to rise directly over the falls).

Arriving just after noon, we searched for areas that would provide a vantage point to capture both the Milky Way and Palouse Falls in the same frame. That evening, just prior to leaving camp, we noticed some light clouds starting to form and as the night grew darker, the clouds began to thicken. About 1:30-2:00 am, we began to see a hint of the Milky Way; unfortunately, the clouds thickened to the point of completely obscuring the stars.

We packed up and headed back to camp hoping to nab a couple hours sleep before sunrise. I set my alarm for 4:30 am - after 2 1/2 hours sleep, I awoke to an orangish/blue tint in the sky. I jumped out of my sleeping bag, gathered up my gear and headed back up the hill, hoping to avoid the many rattlesnakes that call this place home.

As the sun began to show over the horizon, I shot a 4-minute exposure of this beautiful scene. Completely unplanned, this ended up being the best shot of my 3-day trip.